Frequently Asked Questons

Why is the property so cheap?

Since we purchase properties in very large volume - often directly from the county in which the property is located - we receive reduced rates, the savings for which we are then able to pass on to our buyers at discounted or “wholesale” prices. 

How much are property taxes?

The property taxes are current unless otherwise stated and will vary from parcel to parcel. Please see the tax information section in each individual listing or you can contact the Tax Office in the county where the parcel is located for more information.

Are there back taxes or liens associated with the property?

No there are not, all taxes are current unless otherwise stated. One of the guarantees that we make to our buyers is that there are no back taxes or liens associated with the property.

Does the property have utilities?

Unless indicated in the description, the rural properties we represent do not have utilities.  

Are mineral rights included?

Mineral rights are not included unless otherwise stated. This has never been an issue with any property we've ever sold.

I want to purchase one of your properties but am curious to know if I can build or do "fill in the blank" on the land?

We do a great deal of research on the properties we buy and sell, but most of the research is reserved to making sure that we are purchasing the property from the rightful owner and that the property is clear of any liens or back taxes. Any additional information we are aware of will be added to the description of each listing. We always encourage our buyers to go directly to the county and speak with them about the regulations and restrictions. We have added the county website and phone number to each of our listings.

What about an RV? Can I park an RV on the property?

Like above, we encourage you to call the county directly and ask them. In most counties an RV can be parked on but not lived in and is only allowed as a temporary living quarters if the land owner is in the process of building a permanent structure. Each county will be different with these regulations.

If I call the county to ask them a question, how do I refer to the property so they know where the land is located?

We provide the APN and Listing Description on every listing. Typically this is the best way to identify the property when speaking with the county.

How do I know where exactly this piece of land is located?

Each of our property’s listing pages will have GPS coordinates signifying the parcel’s exact location. You can put these coordinates into Google Maps to get a better idea of exactly where the property is located.

You claim you own this property, but I just looked online and the County says someone else owns it. Why is this happening?

The county website sometimes only gets updated once a year, so normally it is showing the previous owner and not the current owner. The county records are up to date, but it takes a while to get the website updated. This is typically the counties last priority. We always have the correct documentation on hand to prove that we do own the property and will send it to you when requested.

What is the significance of the ‘Recorded Deed’?

A deed is the legal document that transfers ownership of the property. The recorded deed has been recognized by the county, stamped and enter into their system. This is what creates the paper trail of rightful owners of the property.

Are there any properties you won’t have a recorded deed for?

In some instances on newly listed properties the county hasn't returned the stamped and recorded deed to us yet. In this case we will still have the deed transferring the property into our name proving we own the property.

I want to purchase a property but I don’t trust or own credit cards – what do I do?

Contact our office and we are more than willing to work with you. Credit Cards are the easiest for us, but we can accept cashier's check, money orders, PayPal and a number of other payment methods.

I want to purchase a property but how do I know that this entire website is not actually an elaborate scam?

We are more than willing to explain the sales process to our customers as many times as they need so that they can feel comfortable with it. For any buyer still worried about falling victim to a scam, we encourage them to close through a Title company. We do caution, however, that doing this will increase your costs significantly, as all Title expenses will be paid by the buyer.

Will you pay for title insurance?

No. It is customary for the Buyer to pay for title insurance.

Do I have to deposit the money before I see the contract? Can you draft the contract first so I know what I’m agreeing to before I deposit the money?

No. Through experience we have learned not to draft documents until the buyer has paid the document fees. 

Can I tour the property before I buy it?

Yes, we encourage every buyer to physically see the property before they buy it. In the case that you cannot do this, we have provided pictures on the listing so you can get an accurate idea of what it looks like.

Will a representative from your office be able to show me the property?

No. We do business all over the country and, therefore, don't have physical offices in most locations so you will have to use your own GPS to see the property.

I want to see you face to face to buy the property, can we do that?

.Unfortunately, our business model doesn't allow us to factor in travel cost. If the buyer is willing to pay for our travel and accommodations we are more than willing to come meet you.

Can you hold a property for me?

Yes. In order to hold a property it will be a fee of $100/week which will be applied to your total if you decide to buy the property. If you decide not to buy the property this amount will not be refunded. If you wish to put a property on hold please contact our office to speak with a representative directly.

Do You Offer Financing On This Property?

Yes. Most properties we offer financing options on.

If I purchase a property on Terms, when do I become the owner as listed on the deed?

As soon as the terms are satisfied we will transfer the deed into your name. Although you aren't the owner on the deed until then, we normally allow you to use the land however you'd like, assuming you aren't decreasing the value of the land.